Getting Ready to Sell

  1. Get your home inspected. Before you start marketing your home consider getting a home inspection. Hiring an inspector can help you find any potential problems and better prepare you for negotiations with potential buyers. Also, this eliminates the need for the buyer to get a second inspection unless they want one for their own peace of mind.

  2. Get estimates for repairs. The inspection will probably bring up things that need to be repaired. Get estimates on these repairs and see what can be fixed up front. Be sure to include any permitting requirements & costs, if applicable, with estimates of repairs you won’t be doing to provide to potential buyers. Also, try and find all the warranties, guarantees, and user manuals for all the appliances that are staying in the home.

  3. Take care of the functionality repairs now. If there is any defect or condition that affects the intended function or operation of a major house system, such as electrical, HVAC, plumbing, roofing, it should be fixed up front if possible if you are looking for a full market value offer. You are more likely to get that higher asking price if the new buyer doesn’t have to make a major investment in repairs to the property up front. Unless, that is, you are pricing for a buyer looking for a fixer upper or investment property.

  4. Clean up the Clutter. Clutter can distract a buyer. Here are a few things to make your home appear cleaner and less cluttered:

    1. Clear out-of-season clothes from the closets

    2. Pack up the majority of “shelf sitter” items and trinkets. Leave just a few accent pieces.

    3. Put some of your furniture in storage and open up the space in your home.

  5. Do a deep cleaning. A clean home makes for a very good first impression. It shows potential buyers the love and care that you have invested in your home.