What Does the term

REALTOR® mean?

All agents and brokers are licensed by the State through the Texas Real Estate Commission.

Our members have also made the decision to pay annual dues to the National, Texas, & Heartland Association of REALTORS®. This decision means they agree to abide by a strict Code of Ethics that ensures they behave ethically and with professionalism at all times. They also have access to over 100 more forms than a non-member. Many additional education and designation opportunities are available to members as are benefits and legal guidance.

Want to know more about what being a REALTOR® means?

Every member of our association strives to give their clients a VIP experience, bringing


REALTORS® bring value to the transaction, their communities, & in the legislature.


Every REALTORS® has, by joining our association, agreed to act with integrity in all they do. They are required to follow a strict Code of Ethics beyond the rules governed by the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) that licenses all agents and brokers in our state. If you have had an issue with a REALTOR® you may have recourse through the Texas Association of REALTORS® and/or TREC.


Our members strive to be the ultimate professional in all they do. They believe in respect for the public, property, and their peers.


REALTORS® live in the communities where they work, so giving back is an important part of who they are. Check out some of the ways our REALTORS® have served our communities.

REALTORS® give back