Community Investment

Every association will demonstrate engagement in at least four meaningful consumer engagement activities annually, including at least two activities demonstrating how the association is the "Voice for Real Estate" in its market, and at least two activities demonstrating the association's involvement and/or investment in the community.

Being the "Voice for Real Estate" -- promoting market statistics and/or real estate trends and issues (e.g., release through press releases, interviews, etc. of MLS statistics, local market statistics, NAR research reports, local/state analysis of NAR statistics, etc.)

Community involvement and investment -- promoting the value proposition of using a REALTOR® and/or engaging in community activities which enhance the image of the REALTOR®, such as organizing human resources (e.g., participating in a Habitat for Humanity build) or conducting fundraising activities to benefit local community or charitable organizations.

To meet this four activity per year requirement, each association must execute a minimum of two "Being the 'Voice for Real Estate' " activities and two "Community involvement and investment" activities during the year. It will not be enough, for example, for an association to engage in the same activity 4 times each year nor will financial support of a charitable organization alone be considered to have met this Mandatory Core Standard.

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